Shelby Pridmore

Shelby graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with an Associates of Arts Degree in Visual Communications.  While living in Los Angeles, CA, Shelby worked in the fashion industry and learned how to research and analyze the latest fashion trends.

One of her favorite aspects of design is mixing patterns and using unique color combinations.  Now living back in Dallas, Shelby’s current job experiences have continued to teach her to use space planning, lighting and visual displays to tell a compelling story.  She brings passion to event planning by using her creative side and eye for attention to details.

You can also catch Shelby’s blog posts “In Love with Shelby” on the EbH blog.

Your school alma mater and what you love about your school?

F.I.D.M “Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising”
What I loved most about my school is that since it was located in the heart of Downtown L.A., as a class we would walk to different building’s or fashion business to learn and get inspired on a daily bases by what we were surrounded by each day.